“I don’t know if everything happens for a reason, or if we try to find one to make the things that happen seem ok. Today is my 32nd birthday. Neither myself or my doctors expected me to see this birthday, so it’s a triumph really. Life certainly throws us curve balls. I didn’t think I’d be this age and in this kind of limbo, trying to raise funds asap for urgent medical treatment in the U.S., knowing I’ll die without it. I thought I’d be in the regular 30’s life crisis of dream jobs or having a family or maybe away somewhere getting splashed by an elephant in a river so clear you can see the bottom. But my dream is life. Being able to dress myself or sleep or keep food down. Being there for friends when they fulfill their dreams, and for when they don’t. My dream is just life. I’ve always wanted number balloons so I finally got some! They’re the most I’ll be able to celebrate today. It’s a little thing, but the little things are amazing to me.”

– Denise has just 6 weeks left to raise the remaining €47,000 to get the medical treatment she needs to survive: 12 months of intensive intravenous antibiotics and nutrients, to fight multiple aggressive infections and stop her body so rapidly degenerating. Together we can make her dream of life come true and ensure she has many more birthdays to come. Donate to her fund page link in the comments –

Please donate to her fund page here:


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