“Most of the time I’m hopeful that we can help each other through our struggles, that we can be kinder to each other and to our city. I’m often bewildered by the world we live in and how we connect with strangers, and the damages that we do to each other through those connections. Dublin’s streets make me happy and they often can make me cry. There is always a strange air like one minute it could be a massive party or the next a massive row. I was punched in the head a few times recently because I called a man out on his rotten language. Although my face was sore, my heart was broken that this happened me, in my city, just meters away from my home. My heart healed quickly as the outpouring of love and support from friends and strangers came at me. It reminded me that Dublin is full of love. So I’m hopeful that we can keep it at it’s best and keep making it better, for everyone.”

-This story was highlighted by Census of the Heart. Find out more about their project in the comments section.-

This story was a respond to the Q29 on The Trailblazery’s  www.censusoftheheart.com

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