The Human Library

Did you know that not all libraries consist of books?

Well, Humans of Dublin has partnered with the International Literature Festival Dublin and created a very special event for you: The Human Library.

“The whole concept just fits so well with the Humans of Dublin project. You had a chance to read these humans’ stories online, and now you have the opportunity to ask your own questions, move the story in any direction that you wish, and get first-hand answers. It is exactly what is missing from the page, you always get a few sentences from that person, the core of the story. But having a conversation with these people makes it so much more special.” Peter Varga

Each Sunday during the festival, our ‘Human Library’ of extraordinary people will gather at Tamp & Stitch, ready to tell their amazing stories and answer your questions.
You’ll have the chance to meet some of the most inspiring people Peter have interviewed over the past few months and enjoy a glimpse into their world.

You can find the complete media coverage of this project on IMAGE Magazine

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