“This is my big, big, big project, and even after the first decade, the excitement didn’t drop; not even a bit. My life has always been all about horticulture and flowers and gardens, ever since I was young. Before the first Bloom, I visited lots of flower shows. But I was missing something. If for example, you go to the Chelsea flower show, it’s all very serious and everybody stays behind the white ropes and people queue very politely. Whereas here we have something much more engaging and more family friendly. I think this is a very Irish thing. People over here like to talk to the designers and find out what it’s all about, and I think that’s why Bloom works so well. This is show business. It’s a catwalk of gardens, but still a place to enjoy with your family and a place of inspiration for your own dream garden. To be able to create this atmosphere makes me love my job.”

-This story was highlighted by the Bloom Festival.  

Find out everything about the festival here:http://bloominthepark.com –

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