“After nearly 11 years working with the Foreign Diplomatic Representation Centre in the American Embassy, deciding to leave a senior position was the bravest decision I ever made. But I believed I could start my own business. The idea came directly from working at the embassy. While I was working there in depth with immigration law and focused on businesses, I developed the expertise to deliver their needs myself while they were paying big money to American lawyers to do the same job. There was nobody else doing it in Ireland. So I said, I’m going to try this! It wasn’t an easy start but it worked. I loved the energy, the buzz, the relationships, and that I was able to deliver good work faster than anywhere else. I spent 11 years building connections and nurturing the business. Long story short, my business focused exclusively on enterprises, investors and traders, and because of that, when the crash happened, guess who stopped working? All my customers. I had to start working my way out of the business and slowly close the company. Then I began working for Revenue on contract and ultimately ended up working for them. Does it sound like a sad story? Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to stay in my safe, senior position? Maybe. I mean, who knows where I’d be now? But I’m telling you, it was worth every fuckin’ minute!”

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