“I spent my summers helping my grandmother out with our B&B back in Croatia, which was about 50 meters from the sea. I would wake up very late asking what’s for lunch, not even expecting any other answer than what she always said. ‘We will eat whatever you catch. The sea is there.’ Even if I got back with a ton of fish and shells she would just throw them in the freezer and send me out for more the next day to make sure I wouldn’t get bored. This is probably the reason I love everything that is connected to water. One of my dreams was to go to diving in Cuba around the coral reefs. I found a great diving club, and I spent about 8 hours a day diving. People are always surprised when I tell them I went alone, but there’s nothing better than to discover a country without any plans or schedules. I love that you can never know what’s coming next. And if I couldn’t find a hotel or a hostel, I’m always fine with sleeping in the car or on the beach. I think everybody should travel alone at least once. It makes you appreciate the moment and you can learn a lot about yourself too.”

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