“I drove Dublin Bus for 22 years. I remember my son getting christened, and the next day he was making his communion. I did over time like all the other drivers; I had bills and a mortgage to pay, so I often drove 80 hours a week. If you drive for Dublin Bus you’re not only a driver, you’re a security man, a psychotherapist and an information centre all in one. Dealing with the public is a real challenge, especially drunk people. They’re not thinking and often get very aggressive. Also, you’re driving the same routes for weeks sometimes so they know you as well. Feels like walking on eggshells when you have to drive in particular areas. I had one guy throw a bottle of urine at me because he didn’t press the button and I didn’t remember where he usually gets off. And you still have to finish your route! You know? That was the day I said that’s enough. I’m a tour operator around ten years now. The bus is clean and smells good, the seat is comfortable. I’m driving Chinese people right now. They’re the best passengers ever. They sit straight, they don’t shout, and they say thank you for everything I do for them.”

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