I had to realize that a confident “no!” can save your life

“I opened this shop in 1986 and I still remember the turning point in the business when everything just got so much better. That was the day I learned to say no. Not for hairstyles of course, but business terms. It was a big day I’m telling you! Before, I was all about pleasing people and being nice to everyone. But I had to realize that a confident “no!” can save your life. It saved this shop anyway! That must be the first thing to learn whenever you open a business. I’ve always loved being a barber, still, after 30 years when I get up in the morning I want to go to work! Not many people can say the same I think. I love talking to people. I consider myself a good barber, but what I’m even better at is talking! I’ve gotten to groom Elvis Costello, Richard Wilson, all different celebrities and actors. Boyzone used to come in… Well, we don’t miss them much! I have a great life because of this shop. Not in financial terms, but I’m living a great life here.”

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