I wanted to go out dancing and my friends were busy so I used Tinder to try find some new pals

“GirlCrew started one night pretty much by accident. I wanted to go out dancing and my friends were busy so I used Tinder to try find some new pals. I thought people would be sceptical but by the next day I had over a hundred matches and everyone was so enthusiastic and friendly. I went out dancing that weekend and this is how GirlCrew was born! I work on it with my co-founder buddies and we have crews in over 40 cities around the world now, and about 45,000 members. It still makes me smile how it worked out. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done because it’s better than I am, and that’s the beauty of a group I think.

Everyone joins with the intention of making some new friends and having a bit more fun so everyone’s guards are a little bit down, and they’re bringing their best qualities to the table and open to new stuff and new people and new adventures. You don’t get that openness everywhere, so it’s sort of magic. There aren’t many places I feel I would have had the opportunity to get to know people with as diverse backgrounds and experiences of life as I have through GirlCrew. I grew up learning that unity and diversity was an important principle for life, and every day this group shows me what that really means and why it’s important. Every time I meet a few new girls it’s the same too, a few moments of nerves, but within five or ten minutes you’d swear we had known each other for ages. I think people forget how many shared experiences we all have that connect us, and nothing brings that to the surface like a face to face real life chat. It’s worth the little bit of bravery it takes to show up.”

– Captured with the Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 #TakeACloserLook –

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