“Back in Jamaica, everything is about family, and I have a huge and amazing one. We really know how to throw a party too. For us, it’s all about dancing and stuff, but a lot of the family are living abroad so whenever we have family gatherings in Jamaica and not everybody can attend, we throw a dance battle via WhatsApp. ‘The family still in Jamaica’ vs what we call ‘the foreigners.’ We record each other dancing and upload it in one of these huge family group chats. Last time even my grandmother was dancing on it! You must have seen it, it was so funny! So as I was saying, I have a huge family. One of my grandmothers had 11 kids, and the other had 9, so I have a lot of aunts and uncles too. We have a separate group chat for all my cousins; about 25 of us. We kind of talk about everything, send random pictures and what we’re doing, or for example, in the mornings we like to share motivational quotes and say good morning. I much prefer sharing things here than on Facebook, it’s so much more intimate and fun, and keeps us so well connected. It doesn’t matter where we are, we always know what is going on with each other.”

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