Humans of Dublin the Book

Today is the second birthday of Humans of Dublin!

Two years ago today my life changed forever: after an extremely busy day at the café, and already inspired by Humans of New York, I decided to start the Humans of Dublin project with a goal of approaching three people on the streets of Dublin to ask if I could take their picture and ask them a few questions. I made eight interviews that day and began posting them. They were almost all awkward and some of them made me feel confused and shy, but the adrenaline and sense of excitement kept me going. It told me this was the path I should take, and soon I left my job at the café to pursue my new passion full-time. I really believed in this project from the minute I started it. At the beginning, it was quite hard to approach strangers, but as time went on my confidence grew and people felt more comfortable opening up to me.

Two years and hundreds of portraits later, I still feel like I’m living a dream, and now it’s time to take another big step which I’d like to share with you today. With the help of Gill Books, a selection of the best stories and photographs from the blog has just been sent off to the printers, and Humans of Dublin the book will hit shelves in October.

I’m delighted to share the cover of the book with those of you who helped make it happen, our wonderful community of humans. Without you, this book wouldn’t be happening!

The book is already available on the links below or at any bookshop in Ireland! 🙂

Easons       Amazon       Gillbooks       Designist

Each book you purchase is a big help to keep this Project alive, thanks for all your support!

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