“After 26 years of marriage, becoming single again is tough. For a while, I felt terrible, but after some time that feeling transformed into a sense of freedom. I have four kids, and I have an amazing connection with each one of them. All of my children are grown up now, so looking at the situation from a positive perspective, now was the best time to start over. It’s been a challenging two years, but it feels great to value myself again. There’s another side of my life that is beginning, and I’m enjoying each moment of living the life that I want! I wake up every day feeling fresh, inspired, and ready to discover the world around me. I have this habit of cutting out quotes from papers and magazines and keeping them in my wallet. I found a great one today that said, “We are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time!”, and this is so true. I believe you have to act on your intuition, out of loyalty to yourself, because life is too short not to. There are so many women living in relationships that should have ended a long time ago. They stay because of the kids, or out of fear of what their family and friends would think, they’re too afraid to take that step. I was afraid too, but now it’s the opposite, I have no regrets. Looking back, I feel like the life I was living belonged to someone else…Whereas now, a brand new chapter of my life has just begun, and it feels wonderful!”

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