“For most of my life I suffered from depression, anxiety and addiction. I lived with the story that in this life these are the cards I have been dealt, so suck it up and live with it. This is complete and utter nonsense. True contentment is available to us all but you have to really want it and work for it. After I had my baby six years ago I suffered with postnatal depression. During my recovery I started to really work on my own self-worth and when I really started to value myself, I wanted to treat myself better. I began to nourish myself with good food, take daily exercise, meditate daily, practice gratitude, start my day with intention but most importantly be kinder to myself. I started small, worked hard and changed my habits over time. The fog started to lift and as I became stronger I knew I wanted more of this feeling. I never thought it was possible to feel good naturally, after all, in the western world we are taught that happiness comes from outside sources like money and job status and that was where I always looked for it. We live in a world of instant gratification and we want our problems to be fixed instantly. We are defined by what we own, what we do, who we date and where we live. We constantly place our happiness in future events and say things like ‘when I get that job, date that man, buy that house I’ll be happy!’ The truth is that if you are not happy with what you have right now you will never be happy with what you want. When you practice self-care and work on yourself you have the potential for unlimited happiness and good health and that my friends will make you one of the richest people on earth.”

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