“I’m a strange person, you know? When people need something, I somehow always detect it. I don’t even know how do I do it, but for example, just a minute ago, I took this couple to where I got my sandwich, because they were hungry and they didn’t know how and where to order. So I showed them a place where you can get these big sandwiches for cheap. Now they’re happy. I love meeting people! I used to be a teacher, but I’m too old now so I don’t teach much anymore. I still sometimes voluntarily teach English. A Portuguese man I met recently in a restaurant had very little English, but he was very desperate and determined, so I taught him. And guess what? Since then, he got married and he’s going to be a manager soon in the same restaurant. I love people, I love helping people, and I love being with people. For me, meeting a new person is like opening a new fascinating book. Like this one! I haven’t finished it yet, but I have to say I agree with most of it what it says. People are so distressed these days. After I’m finished, I’m going to look for someone who really needs it and I’ll give it to them. I believe there are no accidental meetings in life. We were supposed to meet too. I don’t really know why yet, but I’m sure one of us will figure it out very soon.”

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