Do you normally dress like this?

“I’m actually from a farm in Portlaoise. Growing up I went to a boarding school where we had to wear uniforms, and there wasn’t much room for self-expression. I always wanted to get out from there, so when the day came that I finished school I moved straight to Dublin. Since then everything seems to have fallen in to place. For example, a few days ago I was walking down the street and a lady came up to me and asked: “do you normally dress like this?”, and I said yes while simultaneously getting ready for a confrontation. The lady responded with, “oh that’s great! I’m trying to get rid of clothes from my wardrobe, I think you might like them. If you want to, you can come over and have a look.” I met her the next day and she gave me an entire suitcase of amazing clothes! I don’t think this would ever happen in Portlaoise.”

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