I call them, ‘Paper Constructs’

“I call them, ‘Paper Constructs’. They don’t always end up as flowers, I start making them without an image or plan in mind, and they just turn into something in the process, you know? They are all unique! Sometimes, if I find a shiny piece of paper, after looking at it for a while I don’t even see the paper anymore, I see the theme and begin to build around it. I have two little lunchboxes one for my tools and another for materials. I take them everywhere with me. I haven’t sold many of them yet, but last week a lady bought a piece for 20 euros which gave me that extra bit of inspiration I needed, and every Monday I donate some of them towards the Soup Run. The other day a guy came up to me and said, ‘Why would I buy one of these? Anyone can make these…’ so I told him, ‘Well try then! Why are you not doing it!’”

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