I’m thrilled to announce the project I worked on every day for the last two years has finally reached the shelves. You can now find the Humans of Dublin BOOK (Can someone pinch me please!?) in almost every bookshop in Ireland!

All of this could never have happened without your help. Every single like, comment and personal message I’ve received over these years has been essential – not just to the growth of the page but my development as a photographer, storyteller and person.

And for that I need to say a sincere thank you: You guys are incredible!

Thinking about this post made me realise that we often don’t say thank you enough, and we so rarely take time to acknowledge those who play important roles in our lives – the people who shape us, inspire us and help us through hard times. They’re always there but rarely get their due. So today, I want to use the comment section to help bring to light these hidden heroes – the motivators who have made a difference in your life.

And to help things along, I’ll sit down this week to choose three commenters (on Facebook), each of whom will receive books for themselves and their hidden hero. All you need to do is to tag your hero and tell us why they’ve made a difference to your life. This isn’t a competition; it’s just a small gesture of gratitude!

Thanks for your support.

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