I’ve always wanted to change the world!

“I’ve always wanted to change the world! It’s not always something that people say out loud, but it’s my answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. I spent a long time trying to figure how I could change things, and really, the opportunity only ever came to me because I found myself in a hospital. That was the reason I decided to build my first business, ‘Kid Tech’ when I was fifteen, and the reason I founded a non-profit called, ‘The Digital Youth Council’, a news agency run by youth around the world when I was just sixteen. I know I haven’t changed the world yet, but that is still what I’m trying to do. I always wanted to build something that makes someone’s life better, and if I made a million euro off it, great! If not, at least I did something useful for the people around me.”

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