After we retired we rented our home and bought a caravan

“I met him at a dance 50 years ago, and we kinda stuck together. After we retired we rented our home and bought a caravan. That was 20 years ago now and we haven’t stopped travelling since. It all started with poverty, but also a hunger to see the world when we were younger. We travelled all around the world with just a wee tent and two backpacks. We were never interested in fancy hotels.”
“What was your favourite experience?”
“A few years ago when we were up in the Arctic Circle, all proud that we made it, we met a Canadian couple on bicycles. The guy had a huge hat on and she had a wee helmet, and she was only complaining that she had a little cold on the way. They had been cycling for six weeks already and were going from Oslo to Greenland. They were both in their mid-70s. We always tell the young ones to travel while they’re young because you don’t know what is going to happen to you tomorrow. But it’s never too late. It is really only you stopping yourself if you don’t.”

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