Sandra is one of the four speakers at the FiftyTwoWords event

“The other day my five-year-old daughter was singing the song ‘True Colours’ by Cindy Lauper. She loves that song and is always singing it, but it made me wonder if she actually understood the meaning of the lyrics? As a teenager in the 1980s, my ‘true colours’ terrified me. I wasn’t even near a place where I could safely explore who I really was and most definitely not allow myself to think that I might be a lesbian. So, I looked at my daughter and tried to explain as best I could to her what the song means and how important it is to be true to yourself and let your colours shine through regardless of what anyone else thinks.
Working on the marriage referendum was definitely the highlight of my professional career to date. It was intimately rewarding. On a personal level, a yes vote meant that my partner and I could get married, but more importantly that we would be recognised as a family under the Irish Constitution. The marriage referendum was about much more than that, however. For any LGBT person I know, it was about them feeling that they were valid and equal citizens of this country. For future generations, it means that young people can dream of just being themselves without fear of being treated differently. The referendum wasn’t some magical wand that cast out all the difficulties for LGBT people either; there are still lots to be done. Lots of social and cultural barriers to be overcome, but it has made things better. Young people can finally dream the same dreams as their peers.”

– Sandra is one of the four speakers at FiftyTwoWords next event. Join us in dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum this Thursday (8th Dec @1930pm). Each speaker will be sharing their interesting insights and perspectives on the word ‘Struggle’. For more information, visit FiftyTwoWords website.