She said to me that playing the violin gave her a new purpose in life

“Before I moved to Dublin, I was giving Celtic style violin lessons back in Lisbon. I was sharing a room in a house, with a German girl living downstairs. One day, she came up to me and said that she had heard me playing, she really liked it and would love to learn how to play it herself. She asked if I would teach her, and I was like, ‘Sure, but you’ll need to get a violin!’ Just a few days later she had bought one, and we began our classes. She was evolving really, really quickly, and at one point she would practice for up to five hours a day. At the same time, she was studying foreign politics but eventually started to skip classes, saying that she had completely lost interest in it, and felt like she did not belong there anymore. A few months later she left college, and moved to Vienna to learn how to make violins! Can you believe it? On her last day in the house she organised a leaving party, and at the party she said that I was the one who made her see her purpose, and that she will always be grateful for that. It was very touching, and also made me realize how lucky I am to have my own purpose in life. I think many people that work 9-5 jobs don’t feel like they belong there, but still try to go with the flow every day. You can see these kinds of people queuing up for the new Iphone, because they think that this is where they are going to get happiness from. I do believe that everyone has a purpose, and seeing these awakenings, or better yet, being a part of them, is one of the most amazing experiences in life.”