At that point he had spent 27 years on death row

“I was working with the Human Rights Organisation in the US when someone wanted to review a case about a guy who was accused of raping and murdering a 60-year-old woman. At that point, he had spent 27 years on death row. When the crime happened he was only 19, from a relatively poor neighbourhood, and had a few minor convictions. Witnesses saw him passing by the house where the crime was committed and kind of fit the description of the murderer. At the time, it was enough to pick him up. He was sort of lucky, as they still had physical evidence like clothing after 27 years, so they could retest his DNA, which did not match with the DNA on the victim’s clothes. This paired up with other mistakes in his case. I never really got to meet him, but I heard that his mental state wasn’t on top form and he experienced a bit of culture shock when they released him. I’m almost certain he didn’t make it back into society. The really sad thing about his story is that he’s not the only one, and his case is far from a rare coincidence.”