We’re friends since boarding school

“We’re friends since boarding school! I remember when we were about fifteen, her parents had a caravan in a lovely place down in Wexford, by the sea. They allowed us to stay there for two full weeks, with another friend from school. I think this memory stands out for both of us so much because that was the first time we experienced such freedom. We had to take care of ourselves, and for the first time we had to cook and wash our clothes and do our shopping, but it was so much fun!”

“I actually have a photograph from there too, I almost forgot about it! It’s great that you asked us, I haven’t thought of those times in ages!”

“I remember very clearly going into the swimming pool in Arklow, and they had a song called Jealousy from Billy Furry rafting over it.”

“Oh, yes! I remember that too! And it was a beautifully sunny day and we were swimming and checking if there are any boys around… It was gorgeous time!”

“It’s interesting to think about of being friends for so long!”