It was one of those days when whatever could go wrong, went wrong

“Last year I did my Erasmus year in Italy, and my birthday was in early September. I didn’t know anyone there, so I didn’t really get to celebrate it. It was pretty lonely to be honest, but later I made friends and eventually we were a group of seven girls that got very close. They were from all over the globe. We all went over alone so were drawn to each other quite quickly and we became somewhat sisters during the year. One of my favourite memories with them was on an ugly rainy day in November. It was one of those days when whatever could go wrong, went wrong. I had a really bad day in college and just didn’t understand anything from the lecture because my Italian still wasn’t the best. When I got home, I opened the door, threw my bag on the floor and looked forward to do nothing all day. When I entered the kitchen they were all there, screaming happy birthday in my face. The whole place was covered in decorations, with a birthday cake and dinner ready. The shittiest day instantly turned into the best birthday of my life, even though I had to wait two months to celebrate it. That was just one of the amazing days we all spent together. Erasmus is over now and we’re all in different countries, but we’re still in touch and try to visit each other often. I really miss them, but I also think being very far from each other will make our time spent together extra special every time.”