It’s so important in life to stop and ‘smell the roses’

“I have about ninety odd pots of different sized plants and vegetables at home, and I can’t wait to get back to them every day. Gardening is my passion, but it wasn’t always so obvious. When I was at home with my son and two dogs, I spent most of my days talking to them, or to myself. I thought it would be a good idea to find something else to do. At the time, a local bank was looking for part time workers, so I grabbed the opportunity and got a job there. That was twenty years ago, and now it’s my full-time career. Don’t get me wrong, I like doing it, but only later did I discover that my real passion was gardening. It’s so relaxing, and gives me such a great feeling every time I can get back to my salads, beans and roses, and to those gorgeous sunflowers! It’s so important in life to stop and ‘smell the roses’ and give attention to things you really enjoy. And don’t stop looking till you find them!”

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