Signing gave me this incredible insight into my baby’s mind

“It only started as an experiment, and for a while, I wasn’t really convinced that it would work. But it turned into something so much more than I imagined. I had always been really interested in sign language, and when my daughter was born, I started researching about baby signing. I had been lazily and jokingly signing to her every now and then, till one day when I clearly wasn’t giving her milk quick enough, she put her chubby little fist in the air and triumphantly signed ‘milk.’ It was one of the cutest and most amazing things I had ever seen. She was so certain and calm in what she was doing, and only seven months old. From then, on she signed milk very regularly, and quickly took up other signs too! I just loved it and I was so excited with the idea of it that I told all my friends, and their friends, and I even went on to study Irish Sign Language for two years. I got quite good at it, so I ended up having signing classes at home for babies between 6-18 months and their mothers. I put all my soul into this project, and now we have a book and an app for mothers and their babies. Babies really have a lot to say, and they want to be understood much, much earlier than when they actually start talking! Signing gave me this incredible insight into my baby’s mind, and I feel it gave us such a wonderful connection too.”

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