Don’t let anyone ever put you down for your ideas; it doesn’t matter how stupid they sound

“My favourite Youtube video is ‘How to fold a fitted sheet.’ You may think I’m nuts, but that video has 16 million views. I am probably most of those views, and the other half is the people I recommended to watch it. I never knew how to fold a fitted sheet until I came across that video, and to be honest, I didn’t even think about finding out, but now that I’ve watched it so many times it became obvious to me. Same sheet, same amount of time, same wardrobe; but two completely different outcomes. It revolutionised my wardrobe anyway. Not only mine, but probably for all those millions of people that watched it too. That video is a perfect example how to be successful in life. You take a problem that seems as if you’re the only one bothered by it and you find a solution. There are people who can see things that others may never notice, but they noticed it. Don’t let anyone ever put you down for your ideas; it doesn’t matter how stupid they sound. We’re living in a new world where everything needs to be rediscovered, so keep your eyes open!”

– Nicola Byrne is the founder of Cloud90, 11890 Directory enquiries and several other companies. Nicola is currently the incoming president of the Irish Exporters association and will be the first ever female to hold the role in the 65 years history of the association. Also a board member of the New Childrens’ Hospital. Other board roles include Ireland US Council, former British Irish Chamber of commerce board member one of two women on the inaugural board. Member of Fingal Enterprise Evaluation Committee for the past ten years where start-ups are funded at a local level. Nicola is proud to be the ambassador in Europe for Female Entrepreneurship!

We’ve decided to dedicate this week to some of the inspirational entrepreneurs and creative women we’ve had the opportunity to meet.

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