Dear followers, I’d like to ask for your help!

Dear followers,

I’d like to ask for your help!

The past weeks I was closely following the updates on a viral post on Humans of Amsterdam. A post about a desperate mother who’s daughter was violently kidnapped and smuggled out of The Netherlands to India in September of 2016. Its a terribly sad story and I was devastated by the fact that is so hard to get her back. I wanted to help, so I got in touch and we decided to join forces. They created a petition, to reach out to the authorities of the Indian Government, especially the Minister of External Affairs, forcing them to collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return Insiya back to The Netherlands.
We would like to ask you to sign the petition to get closer to our goal! During this last week, they already collected 32.000 signatures and only a few thousand is missing. You can find the link and the full story in the comment section. Let’s show the world the positive power of social media!


Link for the petition here!

Link to the full story here!

Photo: Debra Barraud