Sometimes opportunity bangs on your door so loud that you have no choice but to open it

“As one of the founding members of Spinal Injuries Ireland, and dealing with wheelchair users and their families on a daily basis, I kept seeing people coming back asking for recommendations for places where they could just go away for a weekend. Places with good accessibility, where they could have a coffee or lunch with proper access to bathrooms and parking. People were even ringing from abroad for this sort of information! I went around checking places all the time because it was so hard to find any information online. I was literally waiting for somebody to solve this issue because it was so obvious and annoying, but nobody was doing anything. I realised more and more that people needed this service. Not only in Ireland but abroad as well. So, what do you do? I left my day job, with the support of my husband. I then joined forces with my co-founder, who is also a wheelchair user, to create Mobility Mojo, an app that specialises in accessibility– where people can leave reviews and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, transport, or any kind of public places people might visit. We applied to Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, and from then on it snowballed so fast that we are now looking at redesigning the whole concept because demand is so high! Sometimes opportunity bangs on your door so loud that you have no choice but to open it.”


-This interview is part of a collaborative campaign between Humans of Dublin and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, speaking to social entrepreneurs across the country about what drives them and seeing the impact they are having in communities around Ireland. Find out more about how you can apply for funding and support for your idea or project and help change Ireland here: Social Entrepreneurs Ireland #ChangingIreland –