I thought I’d be unemployed just like everyone else around me

2/2 “My mother has had a problem with alcohol for a long time now. She used to fight with everyone in the house. I was the youngest so when everyone left, she had no one to fight but me. I’ve been kicked out many times, even in winter. I was only twelve and I didn’t have anywhere to go. There were times I really needed someone but no one seemed to know or care what was happening. So I never really thought about my future then. My reality was based on a day to day existence. I thought I’d be unemployed just like everyone else around me. The real turning point was when I got an opportunity to travel to the Netherlands. I was surrounded by such a different culture and people with completely different mind-sets. It was eye opening. And it was the first time in my life I imagined a different future. After I returned, I started trying to network myself and be around people who know how to invest and know about technology, or anything I wanted to learn.  A guy from the place I volunteer at told me about the Care Leavers Network, and later introduced me to the CEO, Wayne. I told him about my plans and my knowledge, and he said we could do some work together. Now I have a job working as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager!”

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