I’m a child of the Irish State. Legally, the Irish Government are my parents

1/2“I’m a child of the Irish State. Legally, the Irish Government are my parents. I grew up in foster and residential care from the age of three, and I was placed in long-term foster care when I was eight. I’ve played my part in campaigning for children’s rights over many years. My education was critical to my success in business, but also in life. I’ve a degree in Engineering and Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in Engineering and Business, which both gave me confidence to believe I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it. I was always inspired by other care leavers like Superman, Harry Potter, Batman, Luke Skywalker and Oliver Twist, who were all fostered, orphaned or adopted. They each have their story of struggle and yet the will to succeed and help others. In real life, our stories don’t always have a happy ending. Many people don’t receive any support after leaving the care system. And without support or work experience it can be extremely hard to kick-start their lives, which is an issue I always felt so frustrated about. So I set up the Care Leavers’ Network. We then received support from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland to get it off the ground. I really believe in the potential of these children in care, and I believe they can make a difference if we allow their stories to be heard. I started with just one care leaver, but eventually it grew to a much bigger network, where we’re able to really support these real-life heroes.”


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