I was twelve when I started to self-harm

2/3 “My mother was unable to take care of me from the age of two, so I was fostered. I had a lot of problems growing up but they were always covered up with lies. My life was full of fights at home, and in a desperate need of belonging somewhere, I was very bold and loud in school so things just got worse. I loved music, and I wanted to be a dancer, but all my plans and dreams were always crushed. I lost motivation, and I felt there was nobody to stand behind me. Nobody cared and I started to fall into a dark place. I couldn’t tell anybody what was going on at home, and the anger was bottling up inside me. I was twelve when I started to self-harm, and I didn’t know that it was a thing until my wrists were covered in scars. One day a teacher saw that there was something wrong so she called me in and began asking me lots of questions until I broke down in tears. I told her I had been thinking about taking my own life.