Some nice policemen found us hidden in a vehicle

“I came from a puppy farm. I was being shipped out of the country illegally, along with my siblings – we were going to be sold into the UK market. Some nice policemen found us hidden in a vehicle and we didn’t have the necessary paperwork or vaccinations to be taken out of the country so, we were taken to the DSPCA. The kind vets here gave us some medicine and we got a lovely bath which made us feel a lot better. I ate proper food for the first time and was delicious! I love to play and do fun stuff. I really miss my mum and I hope that she is doing ok, but by now she is probably having more puppies just like me, I hope the nice policemen will find her too. I am going to have a family of my own soon and so will my brother and sisters, which makes me really really happy.”(Pirate)

We can’t guarantee that all dogs and cats featured in this series are still available for adoption! Visit DSPCA for further information.

“Yes, I am cute.”