I had a family once. But they moved away and left me alone in a park

“I had a family once. But they moved away and left me alone in a park. I was found by a lovely couple that brought me to DSPCA, and when I arrived here I was so skinny and afraid. I kept hoping to see my family but they never came. After a long nap and some really nice food, I began to feel much better. They say I’m really clever and learn very quickly. There are loads of puppies still learning here but I know my stuff! I love to play with other dogs and we always have loads of fun; it’s a great way to burn all the energy I have. I love everyone including children, but older children suit me better so they can walk me, instead of me walking them! I’m just a lovable goofball and will make my new family very happy!” (Bo)

We can’t guarantee that all dogs featured in this series are still available for adoption. Visit Dublin SPCA for further information.
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“They call me Mouse, ’cause I’m the best hunter around. Yep, that’s me! See that teddy in the back? That was my last victim. I love to carry him around in my mouth and show off my skills! When I got here I was only 5-weeks-old, and now I’m 3-months-old. I was all alone and terrified, but I spent a few weeks in a lovely foster home. My foster mommy said that I would be an Olympic champion if playing with string toys was a sport! When I’m not outside exploring the world, I love snuggles and I can purr real loud. Now I’m back in the shelter ready for my forever home.” (Mouse)