The vets were shocked by my condition

“I’m a true rescue story. I was found wandering around a busy shopping centre, and a lovely person found me and knew I was in trouble. She called the DSPCA and brought me up to them. The vets were shocked by my condition, and they knew I was neglected for a long time. I had cuts everywhere and I was so emaciated it was hard for me to even stand up. There was a very tight rope tied around my neck, which caused a mass to form all around my neck. My whole body was swollen and sore and it made me really sad. Those were tough times. Over time I started to eat more and became healthier. The veterinary team removed the lumps around my neck and chest, but there were so many lumps it had to be done on different occasions. With lots of love, care and healthy food, I’m now a happy boy with a zest for life. I spent a long time getting better and now all I want is a home with friendly people who will love me forever and never let me get hurt again. Could you be the one?” (Jellybean)

We can’t guarantee that all dogs featured in this series are still available for adoption. Visit Dublin SPCA for further information.