The veterinary team thinks that I was likely thrown out of a speeding car

“I’ve been through a lot in my short life. I was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car – my back leg was totally shattered. Someone found me and brought me to a local vet. When I had no microchip, it became obvious that no one was looking for me. As I had been abandoned, I was brought to the DSPCA to look after me. The veterinary team here think that I was likely thrown out of a speeding car, as my leg was so badly damaged, and I had cuts and bruises all over me. I don’t remember too much from that night, but I do remember that it was very painful. The vets tried everything to save my leg, I even had to use a cast for a few weeks and they sent me to recuperate with the nicest foster family ever! But my leg was too badly broken and couldn’t heal, so they decided to amputate it, as I would have a much higher quality of life on three legs. I feel like a new puppy since the operation and I have been flying around playing with all the other dogs in the kennels. They call me a 100mph couch potato! My foster home and the staff here showed me what it means to be loved, and only this week I was adopted by a wonderful family! I now live with another dog and he’s my best friend. I feel so happy and so lucky to have been found when I did, and to be able to start my life again.” (Dobby)

– This week Humans of Dublin partnered with DSPCA to bring you the series, ‘Rescue Pets of Dublin’. Together we want to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and create public awareness of the plight many different kinds of animals endure while awaiting a home in shelters and rescue centres all around the globe. Visit Dublin SPCA for further information.