#AdoptDontShop – Rescue Pets of Dublin Series

Humans of Dublin partnered with DSPCA to create the series, ‘Rescue Pets of Dublin’. Together we want to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and create public awareness of the plight many different kinds of animals endure while awaiting a home in shelters and rescue centres all around the globe.

We decided to use the 11th of April, ‘Pet Day’ as a great chance to motivate people to donate time (DSPCA always need more foster families for very young animals, as well as nursing mothers and babies), food, or providing DSPCA with supplies. The main focus of the campaign was to promote the great work DSPCA is currently doing and show that anyone can help. Maybe even by helping out a friend with pets who is recovering from an illness, or someone who might just need a break to go on vacation.

Through the use of storytelling, we wanted our followers to create an emotional connection with each animal and realise how amazing can be to adopt. Our goal was to make sure people kept in mind the phrase: “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”.

In total, our week long campaign received a reach of +790k with an engagement of +126k. 


“Peter is a fantastic person to work with and his filming was amazing. Thank you so much for the amazing footage you got in the DSPCA with the drone.”


You can find the complete media coverage of this project on our Press page: #Adontdontshop Project at Independent.ie, LovinDublin, Daily Edge and Goss

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