I always had a passion for fashion long before I started blogging about it

“I always had a passion for fashion long before I started blogging about it. I used to love dressing nice. My dad is a lawyer and since I was young I saw him in proper, well-tailored suits, and that had a big impact on me. Also, I was born in Zimbabwe and there is a lot of emphasis on dressing nice and being impeccable at all times. We used to wear blazers with a tie to school, and if you were wearing shorts you had to wear long white socks with black shoes polished to perfection. Zimbabwe used to be colonised by the British and they brought in all the manners, etiquette and dress to the education system. Although boarding schools in Zimbabwe are much closer to the military then to an actual school it gave me a sense of security when my parents decided to divorce. The bell rings at 6am in the morning, you wake up, you fix your bed, you shine your shoes, tie your tie, if your shirt is wrinkled you iron it, then you make sure your bunk area is nice and clean. You line up before going to the dining hall, when you arrive, you sit right with a straight back. You set your fork and knife straight and then, you eat your breakfast. We learnt a lot about etiquette; body position, how to talk and how to be caring. They taught me to have manners. I give up my seat for an older person, I open and hold the door for people and I treat everybody with respect. Dressing up this way comes with so much more then just wearing fancy expensive clothing, it comes with a responsibility. You represent what you are wearing.”