This year we are working on making a positive impact on homelessness

“This year we are working on making a positive impact on homelessness. We have to organise everything ourselves so after much help from various organisations that work with people who experience homelessness, we decided to focus on young people in care and the challenges they face when leaving the care system at eighteen. We decided to come up with a charter and a short movie and to invite guest speakers to an event about it. We were elected from our schools to be the part of the Dublin City Youth Council. It is our chance to get involved in the development of policies and issues that affect us and our local areas before we turn eighteen. Being able to stand up for something and to be taken seriously is so amazing. Working on useful issues means we learn a lot and can develop new skills. Every year we make loads of new friends too. Comhairle teaches us that we can create a movement that you don’t have to wait to be an adult to make a difference in something you believe in.”

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