Comhairle is a wonderful thing to get involved in

Comhairle is a wonderful thing to get involved in. And we would encourage anyone with an interest in making a difference, meeting new people, and putting yourself out there, to definitely give it a try! The meetings are always enjoyable. Just being there makes you feel good about yourself: In the fancy council offices, bus fare paid for, games, friends, free food and invitations to events. These are the nice touches that make Comhairle so attractive. But it’s the skills it forces you to learn that really make it worthwhile. We can’t imagine being on Comhairle and getting away with not speaking in front of people. At least once during your term you will have to get up and speak in front of your peers. It’s a skill you don’t get to practice at school and it’s important. Everyone admits to being swayed by strong speakers, whether it is right or not. If you want your opinion to be heard by society, you’ve got to be able to voice them well. Comhairle also offers you the chance to meet new people, you’ll befriend like-minded individuals and also those who are quite different than you. We made great friends at Comhairle; very motivated, driven people who inspire us every time we meet up. We met people who work for homeless and social care charities whose work we admire very much. Being on Comhairle has been a great experience which we will probably only appreciate in a few years. For now, we know that it has been a contributing factor in sparking our interest in politics. Before we joined Comhairle we didn’t really feel the need to inform ourselves on issues. We have now come to appreciate the importance of knowledge in shaping your opinions and influencing change.“