I started to wander around the streets of Tel Aviv taking pictures of almost anything

“I had this far-away dream that one day I would become a photographer; I knew if I wanted to be successful at it, I would have to specialise in something, to find my own style. My family and friends listened to my plans asking, ‘okay, you like taking pictures but are you looking for a real job too?’ I wanted to prove to them and to myself that it was possible. I decided to go for it with the belief that I would eventually find a way to make a living. I started to wander around the streets of Tel Aviv taking pictures of almost anything. Later, I thought I would specialise in street signs, nobody did that before! I began wandering around the streets with my camera and a ladder to be able to photograph them at eye level. Walking around with a ladder made me realise why nobody did it before… Next, I decided to try something smaller. I focused on popsicles and ice creams on the beach. I would ask people to hold out their melting ice creams with the beach in the background. I thought about what I really wanted to photograph and I was always in love with the colourful street art of Florentin, it would make a lovely backdrop for a series. So, I would compose a frame in front of a mural and sit there and wait until something happened. An interesting looking person passing by or something unexpected happening. I would upload the photos to my Instagram, and people started liking them and asking about the story behind the murals, about the artists and about the location of them. Florentin is a very old area in Tel Aviv filled with family-owned workshops like carpenters and mechanics. It has a beautiful history. So, because of such an interest, I figured I would organise photo walks around Florentin telling people about the area and the murals. It’s been a very successful year filled with new challenges and maybe this is not what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life, but I really enjoy it at the moment.”

This series was created in Tel Aviv w/ Vibe Israel