I’ve figured out what truly matters most in life

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I wasn’t always the best-behaved child, I wasn’t an ideal student and I’ve failed in several respects many times over. It can feel insurmountable when you see so many others succeeding where you are failing, but the truth is that you decide whether or not these things are failures. The key is to never give up. At times I felt completely on my own, even when I had the unwavering support of so many friends and loved ones. It’s really a mental game you have to push yourself through. Whatever it is business, love, confidence, friends, or family you decide if you’re going to fail or learn from your failures and emerge stronger and better for it. Through my failures I’ve learned to prioritise my time, work smarter and, most importantly, I’ve figured out what truly matters most in life. Never discount failure or let hopelessness overcome you because if you keep going you might just end up living the life you’d dreamed.”

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