We have always been very entrepreneurial with lots of ideas

“Roman and myself met in University and Sam and I raced sailing boats together. The three of us have known each other for a long time. We have always been very entrepreneurial with lots of ideas. All of us tried to start our own businesses and we all experienced some level of failure along the way. The one thing we had in common was we wanted was to create a company that improves lives. A good analogy of our philosophy of how to do business is to compare it to planting a tree – you ultimately have the intention of creating timber in about 15+ years, it’s a good investment, but there are a whole lot of positive things you can create along the way too. Like the trees will create fantastic habitat for wildlife, produce oxygen and enrich the soil. We wanted to create a business that works in a similar way. We realised that we could structure our company in a way that was good for business but also good for people and for the environment. Instead of going the traditional route and becoming part of the cycle, we created a solution in Ireland where people can eat healthy, nutritionally balanced meals at home, in minutes from pre-portioned ingredients delivered to their door. At the same time we made healthy eating more accessible, created new jobs, eliminated food waste and we donate a meal to a child in need after every one sold through an Irish charity called Valid Nutrition. We call it Cook-One Feed-One. After three years of hard work we featured in Independent’s 30 under 30, have a grown our customer base rapidly, partnerships with big companies like Google and have connections to some of the most amazing suppliers and chefs in Ireland.”

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