I can tell you honestly this sort of hospitality only happens in Ireland

“We were on the West Coast last weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday. In a small town called Westport in County Mayo. We were hungry so looked around for something to eat and soon enough we came across a restaurant called Christie’s Harvest. It was a tiny place, it had maybe four tables and they were all occupied. It also had some empty seats at the bar, but there were twelve of us. So I went to talk to the owner; ”How is it going? We would like to have some tea and coffee, maybe some breakfast, but there are twelve of us.’ So he said, ‘Okay, we can fit some of you at the bar…’ But the people sitting at the tables overheard us and they were like: ‘Do you guys wanna sit down? Go ahead, we’ll make some space for ye!’ All of a sudden six people, all of them in their fifties and sixties, stood up and moved around. Some of them sat at the bar and some brought out extra chairs. They made sure everybody was comfortable and then they just started talking to us, just like we were friends for ages… We spent about two hours telling and listening to stories. It was an amazing experience. I’ve travelled a lot and was lucky enough to experience many different cultures but I can tell you honestly this sort of hospitality only happens in Ireland! I have a blog where I rate restaurants, and these kind of places are the ones that get the highest ratings. They don’t just fill your stomach, but they also warm your heart.”

This is Omar, you would probably recognise him better with some food in his mouth. He runs an Instagram page called @OmarEatsDublin and he is going to be doing our next IG Stories Takeover tomorrow. If you like to eat out and want to know the best eateries in Dublin tune-in to @humansofdub on Instagram Stories.