It was awful but I loved it!

“When I dropped out of college I decided to volunteer in Tanzania. While I was there, I thought I should do everything I could. I was like, ‘okay I have to climb Kilimanjaro’. One of the first nights climbing we got food poisoning and spent the entire night throwing up after climbing all day. When you’ve already spent your energy during the day, being sick robs the tiny bit that is left in you… I felt like I was going to die. I remember getting up in the morning and running to the toilet, which wasn’t even a toilet, just a hole on the ground, and tears streaming down my face. All I wanted to do was text my mom to come to pick me up. But when you have no choice your brain kinda restructures itself and somehow we just continued climbing and we actually made it to the summit at sunrise. When we got there it was like the most amazing feeling poured over me. It was so beautiful, and the sense of accomplishment… When we got back to the base camp we all just bawled crying for like two hours… It was awful but I loved it.”