One wheelchair user could determine where a wedding or a conference takes place for hundreds of people…

“I remember one of the first nights out after getting released from the hospital. It was a friend’s birthday in the city center. When we arrived, my heart dropped. I could see about twenty vertical steps down into this place. What was I to do? I couldn’t be responsible for the whole night going pear-shaped. So I said to the bouncers, ‘I’m okay if you’re okay to carry me down the stairs’. Do you remember as a teenager being turned away for looking too young? Well, imagine being turned away for being a fire hazard. And the sad part was, he was right… if something happened, I was a fire hazard. However, we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges… And that negative experience has been such a positive force on the journey since. Mobility Mojo co-founder, and myself, are driving a vision for a fully inclusive, accessible world. I’d argue that everyone has a disability at some point in their lives. Think of a pregnant woman struggling to walk. An older person with a bad hip, a parent with a buggy, or even women in high-heels trying to keep their balance crossing the cobblestoned road. Accessibility affects all of us at some point. That night, when I couldn’t get into the pub – not only did they miss out on my business but they missed out on 15 other people. You see, there’s a real business case for good accessibility and those who don’t adapt will lose out. One wheelchair user could determine where a wedding or a conference takes place for hundreds of people… I would like to ask you to do just one thing – if your local shop, pub, restaurant or hotel has good accessibility, please compliment them. Far too often we’re quick to complain when things are bad, so the good needs to be recognised and celebrated. These little wins will create more positive change.”
Stephen Cluskey, Co-Founder /CEO of Mobility Mojo
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