At the time I felt I was done as a businessman. I had my successes, but I didn’t feel accomplished at all

“A very good friend of mine’s six-year-old daughter died. It seemed like a death that could have been avoided if there wasn’t a time delay in getting the emergency services to her. Her father is a great man and obviously, this affected him and his family’s lives greatly. It also affected mine. At the time I felt I was done as a businessman. I had my successes, but I didn’t feel accomplished at all. I needed to look for something more meaningful. What happened to my friend’s daughter made me think about solutions that could cut the time gap in rural areas, to reduce the time between the emergency and getting to the hospital. So we created a system where we send out doctors from hospitals to their own communities with the expertise to be able to respond quickly and give patients the treatment that they wouldn’t be able to get until they hit the hospital. In the past ten years, the idea simply exploded, from having one doctor in West Cork to 250 doctors working all over the country saving hundreds of lives, all voluntarily. We fundraised enough to give them vehicles and equipment so they can do what they do the best. It’s ridiculous how successful it’s become… The interesting thing about this story is that just three months ago I told my friend what made me start the service. He was doing a job with me and when I thought the time was right, I told him. Still, it was a bit too much for him. He was in shock when I told him that his daughter was the motivating factor for saving the hundreds of lives over the past few years… I also told him that we raised enough money to get our first helicopter and that I’m going to name it after his daughter.”

 This is John Kearney. He set up Irish Community Rapid Response, a charity delivering professional pre-hospital A&E care directly to the site of emergencies throughout Ireland. He won the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Award in 2013, giving him funding and support for his project.

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