I was a widower for 13 years by then and I liked him, but I was very shy

“I knew him before, but only from seeing him around. We used to salute each other on the street, until the day I was introduced to him. He knew about my late husband and he also heard about me losing my son. We talked and he told me about losing his two boys. We had a great conversation and at the end, he asked me if I would like to meet up sometime. I said yes, but it never really happened. I was a widower for 13 years by then and I liked him, but I was very shy. Months later, just before Christmas, we went down to the Greyhound Bar, and there he was, with the other woman. I thought, ‘Well, I was too slow…’ However, I went over to wish him a Happy Christmas. I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hi Martin, I just wanted to wish you Happy Christmas!’ He said ‘oh, Happy Christmas to you too, Patricia! Let me introduce you to my sister, Aileen!’ When he said that, I felt a little spark… We talked a bit and he asked would I’d like go for a drink some time. I said, ‘Martin, you ask me every time we meet, and we never do anything about it!’ He said, ‘Well, I will now! Have you got a phone?’ So I put my number in his phone but I thought he would be drinking with his sister all evening and probably won’t even remember he met me. The next day, sure enough, he texted me and then called, he asked me out for a date… That was 6 years ago. Our past experiences created a very strong bond between us and we became the ‘power couple’ for Pieta House in our community. We both experienced things that nobody should ever experience. I always say, we are in a club that nobody wants to join, but with Darkness into Light we can be part of a group that everyone wants to join. And that is the most wonderful thing we could ever wish for…”


Darkness Into Light takes place across the country tomorrow morning (May 12th) at 4.15am and is proudly supported by @Electric Ireland.

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