Elderly people would pay their nurses up to €80 just to sleep in their home

“When I worked as a home care nurse I heard many, many stories about elderly people who would pay their nurses up to €80 just to sleep in their home overnight so they didn’t have to be alone. These were very lonely people already; best case scenario, someone would look after them 2-3 times a day for an hour each time. That’s 2-3 hours of 24-hours-a-day being completely alone, but the night is always the worst. Often they would only sleep a couple of hours each night and most of them would just be rumbling around in a big house on their own, all night. One day, I heard about this service in London called Home Share over the radio. The idea is basically to match elderly people in their homes with students. The students pay much cheaper rent and provide some extra services like spending some quality time with the elderly people, taking out the rubbish, and helping around the house. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to reverse the issue and instead of €80 a day out, it could be €50 a week in, with the opportunity to have someone around almost all day and every night… I’m three years in and I feel like I’m managing one of those dating sites, constantly trying to match the best-suited personalities. There are some people who just really connect. We had this girl who would make a Sunday roast every weekend, all voluntarily, for a man just like his wife did before she died or this guy who lives with a lady who loves crosswords. He would buy books with his own money and they would solve them together at night, then he got her watching rugby with him… There are so many of these stories… I’ve helped save a fair amount of student loans and many grandchildren’s inheritance but creating these wonderful relationships is the biggest payoff ever!”



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