We need to legalise medical use of cannabis and it’s compounds

“There are 37 thousand people in Ireland with some form of epilepsy and seven of those have been granted a license and some form of help from the government. Only seven. My son is not one of them. If I can just give you an idea about the practical arrangements whereby I can save my son while he is in seizure… He needs 24h care, so I sleep in the same room with him. My bed is about 1.5m away from his. Head to head. I am always looking at him until he fall asleep, if I am alert of the possibility that a strong seizure is expected, which happens every 5-7 nights, I simply don’t sleep. I surround him and his bed with pillows. When he is having the seizure I jump out of bed, grab his medication and try to hold him down while I inject both of his cheeks with a sedative. Bare in mind that my son is now 23 and he is much taller and stronger than me, so I often end up injured while I try to inject the sedative. Every time he has a seizure there is the potential danger of death and in the back of my mind, there is always a fear that this may be his last one and he might not come out of it. I haven’t had a proper sleep for 17 years now. I’m not on the top of my game anymore. I’m getting older and one day I will not be able to manage his seizures as effectively as I have so far. This is why I want to push legalising CBD oil in Ireland like mad. It is a possible cure for my son’s seizures. It won’t heal him, but can effectively reduce or end his seizures completely. It’s proven and it’s been tested and legalised in many other countries already. We had the marriage equality referendum put through, we have the abortion referendum put through, we need to move along those lines and legalise medical use of cannabis and it’s compounds. We should not leave it to be too late for my son or anyone else’s children.”

CBD is one of 60+ naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds found in Cannabis. Research shows that CBD benefits include relief from pain and inflammation. It also has anti-psychotic effects; it reduces anxiety, helps to fight cancer and can act as a potential medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, schizophrenia and more.